Triangle Fragrance Launches New Line with Distribution Through Brick and Mortar Businesses Across US

Triangle Fragrance was founded in 2020 by US Army special operations military veteran Magda Khalifa, who struggled with transition and health issues after two tours in Iraq. She succeeded in turning her life around, sharing her success path through the Freedom Triangle - introduced to the world in her bestseller memoir, "American DREAM: Discipline, Resilience, Endurance, Adaptability and Mentorship". Triangle Fragrance - the first veteran owned a luxury fragrance line for men and women - was inspired by the Freedom Triangle.

Two months after the release of the flagship Red Line featuring “Confidence” for women, and the acclaimed “Victory” for men, Triangle Fragrance has launched the zesty White Line, which represents the second point of the Freedom Triangle: Health Freedom.

“Clarity” for women is a scintillating fruity-citrus scent with a unique blend of playful notes, including Sparkling Sicilian Lime, Tahitian Vetiver, Apple, Mint, and Bergamot. “Energy” for men is a sexy citrus scent with top notes of Asian Bamboo, Bergamot, and Jasmine.

The company’s distribution model has expanded to combine online sales with brick and mortar locations across the United States. Authorized distributors include:

Khalifa noted, “Collaboration is key in a volatile time. Businesses with physical locations across the country have struggled with uncertainty from fluctuating COVID-related restrictions and regulations. It is an honor to partner with these adaptable, resilient businesses and to provide a popular and complementary product line for their existing customer base. Together, we are innovative and stronger.”

Triangle Fragrances are long-lasting eau de parfums, with 18% concentration of fragrance oils. The stunning packaging features an elegant collector's card inside, offering written inspiration and motivation to its owner. The fragrances are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, made with plant-based alcohol, and made without parabens, sulfates, triclosan, phthalates, mineral oil, or dyes. Features include:

  • Imported Italian glass, designed by Bormioli Luigi
  • Luxury Gold Zamac cap with faux leather band
  • High output mist atomizer sprayer with prestigious, high-end finish
  • Soft Touch Coating box design with velvety texture

The next Triangle Fragrances – the Blue Line - will release in the fall. These scents will represent Mind Freedom in the Freedom Triangle. When the series is completed, the colors of the bottles and boxes will reveal red, white, and blue.

Businesses interested in partnering with the next great American brand may inquire by contacting

Triangle Fragrance is available on, and through Authorized Distributors.