Iraq War Veteran Launches First Veteran-Owned Luxury Fragrance Line for Men and Women

US Army special operations military veteran Magda Khalifa struggled with transition and health issues after two tours in Iraq. She succeeded in turning her life around, sharing her success path through the Freedom Triangle Framework - introduced to the world in her bestseller memoir, "American DREAM: Discipline, Resilience, Endurance, Adaptability and Mentorship".  Khalifa recently launched "Triangle Fragrance" - a luxury fragrance line for men and women, inspired by the Freedom Triangle. 

"Confidence" for women, is an alluring floral and woody scent, featuring notes of Lavender, Rose, and Whiskey. "Victory" for men, is a very masculine scent created with notes of Cuban Tobacco, Russian Leather and Bourbon.

"From the battlefield through my post war journey, I realized the power of smells and scents. I set out to create unique, beautiful fragrances that correspond to the points of the Freedom Triangle," said Khalifa. Confidence and Victory represent the first point, Time Freedom.

In the aftermath of exposure to toxic burn pits in the combat zone, Khalifa became very aware of toxicities in environments that affect people's health. Features of Triangle Fragrances include:

  • vegan-friendly, cruelty-free
  • made with plant-based alcohol
  • made without parabens, sulfates, triclosan, phthalates, mineral oil, or dyes

Khalifa explained, "It is fundamental to my values and to the brand that the fragrances are made in America, and that ingredients and production reflect a very high quality."

Triangle Fragrances are long-lasting eau de parfums, with 18% concentration of fragrance oils. The stunning packaging features an elegant collector's card inside, offering written inspiration and motivation to its owner.

The brand showcases models from all walks of life on its social media, many of them who have never modeled before. "It is an honor to share the stories of many great Americans who literally embody the spirit of the fragrance they represent," said Khalifa.

The next Triangle Fragrances – the white line - is due to release this summer. These scents will represent Health Freedom in the Freedom Triangle. When the series is completed, the colors of the bottles and boxes will reveal red, white, and blue.   

Retailers interested in carrying the next great American brand are encouraged to reach out to:   

Triangle Fragrance is available now, exclusively online at

SOURCE Triangle Fragrance